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The only thing to reproach '70 big ones' is the lack of ambition, of glory and transcendence, but it's exactly that what makes it light, fresh, enjoyable and surprising.

Read review Oti Rodríguez Marchante

A script that is meticulously planned, a fabulous cast (...) Serra is capable of concentrate the tension in a limited space (...) one of the best executed plans of the recent Spanish cinema.

Read review Manu Piñón
El Mundo

A modest halfway between 'Dog Day Afternoon' and 'El mundo es nuestro', without the tension and the glory of the first one and the costumbrist humor of the second one reach the levels of effectiveness and originality.

Read review Alberto Bermejo
El Periódico

Serra is constantly changing the register (long monologue, really intense one-cut shot, comic sketch's touch) like he couldn't find the style for the film.

Read review Quim Casas

Emma Suárez and Nathalie Poza are its best weapons (...). If theses actresses weren't there, the movie wouldn't be as interesting as it is.

Read review Yago García
El País

Among the fierce drawing of the drive to the trap, the acting is what elevates '70 Big Ones' and ends up mixing up a really considerable job thanks to the two amazing actresses: Emma Suárez (...) and Nathalie Poza.

Read review Javier Ocaña