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Screen Daily

'A Faithful Man' seems to be content playfully ruminating on how matters of the heart consume people - and how, sometimes, pursuing someone can be more fulfilling than actually possessing them.

Read review Tim Grierson
The Hollywood Reporter

'A Faithful Man' shows that Garrel has promise as a filmmaker, with a knack for directing actors and a welcome sense of Gallic wit. And as a performer himself, he remains a likeable and sometimes intense screen presence.

Read review Jordan Mintzer
The Playlist

An interesting, but ultimately light and frothy, Parisian rom-com that flies by at a breezy, 73 minutes, 'A Faithful Man' does alright for itself despite a few baked in flaws.

Read review Warren Cantrell

While not quite an act of narcissism on Garrel?s part, Abel?s dilemma feels astonishingly far-removed from the kind of dramatic intrigues that draw moviegoers to the cinema these days, and yet, that could well be its appeal to a certain kind of cultured, Francophile audience.

Read review Peter Debruge
The Wrap

'A Faithful Man' sounds like quite a rich brew, but it is actually more of an exercise than anything else, a chance to play a kind of cinematic shell game with four main characters who are never quite what they seem.

Read review Dan Callahan