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?Alita: Battle Angel? is his best film since he brought Frank Miller?s graphic novel to the screen, a sci-fi epic that does something rare in an age of endless adaptations and reboots: lives up to its potential while leaving you wanting more.

Read review Michael Nordine
The Hollywood Reporter

While not exactly a misfire, Rodriguez and Cameron's joint effort lacks the zing and originality of their best individual work.

Read review Stephen Dalton
Entertainment Weekly

This manga adaptation is a tired science-fiction odyssey, with bland digital effects piled onto a sappy non-story that feels like a two-hour elevator pitch for a 70-film franchise.

Read review Darren Franich

Best enjoyed for the fun, slick action and the astonishing, super-expressive realisation of Alita herself, because elsewhere it?s cyberpunk business as usual, marred by some sloppy plotting.

Read review Dan Jolin
Time Out

Although the story plays out in predictable ways, Rodriguez handles the combat sequences well enough as Alita?s killer skill set ramps up.

Read review phil de Semlyen