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The Wrap

The world of 'Wonder Park' is thrilling, and the message is unusual for a kids movie, but admirable.

Read review William Bibbiani
The A.V. Club

'Wonder Park' has the unmistakable air of a promising movie no one has taken full responsibility for polishing into a good one.

Read review Jesse Hassenger
New York Post

For a film extolling the virtues of creativity and imagination, there?s not much of either to be found here. The landscapes are lazy, and the voice work from funny actors (...) is unmemorable.

Read review Johnny Oleksinski

The movie is only sustained by its own momentum, and might be too manic for young kids to notice or care that it?s falling apart (...). 'Wonder Park' is hard to forgive for making so little of its material.

Read review David Ehrlich

It?s one of those kiddie features in which you can sense, in every scene, how hard the animators are working to please you.

Read review Owen Gleiberman
Los Angeles Times

There are some colorful and imaginative set pieces (...) but the tone of 'Wonder Park' is odd as the gravity of June?s real-life issues invade the world of Wonder Park.

Read review Katie Walsh
The Hollywood Reporter

Like so many animated movies these days, it buries its ideas in a visual and aural cacophony of frenzied action sequences designed to engage the shortest of attention spans.

Read review Frank Scheck