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Year: 2018

Original Title: Anubis

Length: 106 minutes

Studios: 20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Release Dates

United States:


Ranking: 7,030 out of 14,322 movies (up 1657)


This movie of animation that will be release in 2018 and it is produced by Blue Sky Studios, is based on the novel of Bruce Zick called 'The Anubis Tapestry: Between Twilights'. This book was written in 2006. This book tells the story of Chance Henry, son of a archeologist that risk to introduce himself in the Egyptian realms of the Underworld for rescue to his father of the curse of the mummy. For this curse, the spirit of his father is locked up here and the only way to save him is run the risk to go down there. Horribles monsters, exciting adventures are there join to Chance for his travel into different levels of the underworld untill that he reach to discover the mystery of the Anubis' tapestry.