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The Hollywood Reporter

It is the best of the trilogy: it has its own identity, or at least something similar coming from a gigantic industrial project like this.

Read review Todd McCarthy
Entertainment Weekly

Banter and bullets is the action-movie MO, and the duo at the center of it hardly seem to have to stretch to spread their bickering charm on thick. By the shock-and-awe climax, though ? when everything but the goatee pretty much goes up in flames ? other things have worn thin.

Read review Leah Greenblatt
The Guardian

While 'Bad Boys for Life' has a completely asinine story, generic action, predictable plot beats, moronic dialogue and truly reprehensible politics, I still had a good time.

Read review Jordan Hoffman
Screen Daily

Taking the reins from Michael Bay, directing duo Adil & Bilall supply loads of energised style, but without the panache or shamelessness of their predecessor. As for stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, they don?t seem rejuvenated by this reunion, mostly re-creating the forced back-and-forth quipping that wasn?t even fresh back when they were younger men.

Read review Tim Grierson

The result is a fun, explosive, and surprisingly thoughtful action movie that manages to thread the needle between the pyrotechnics of vintage Jerry Bruckheimer and the softer, more forward-thinking demands of contemporary multiplex fare. It may not be as raw as ?Bad Boys,? but it?s more human. It may not be as operatic as ?Bad Boys II,? but, well, neither was ?The Ring Cycle.?

Read review David Ehrlich
El País

Fallag and El Arbi, subject to a thick script of pure revenge and comic notes, seem to limit themselves to complying with the file. And in the end the morbidity of the film ends up by the presence of Kate del Castillo.

Read review Javier Ocaña
The Wrap

The stars certainly aren?t acting like their participation is a mercenary endeavor. Lawrence and Smith seem to enjoy their goofy-meets-gung-ho responsibilities, and that counts for something in these types of movies, as is a tone decidedly less mean-spirited than the last one?s, and a central car/motorcycle/helicopter chase that distracts you with thrills rather than wear you down with overkill.

Read review Robert Abele