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Despite the tape's commitment to keeping our nerves on edge and offers an entertaining experience. A hot-air thriller that rises just the right way.

Read review Yago García
La Vanguardia

Herbig has been able to print a very American ribbon, a very tense thriller with various freedoms regarding true facts.

Read review Ignasi Juliachs
El País

It is based almost exclusively on the sum of a long series of situations of circumstantial tension, a few well-drawn, and many, of a worn-out originality.

Read review Javier Ocaña
La Razón

A drama with a certain air and aspirations for American thriller and a pernicious gelides for the story, terrible on the other hand (...) even if the setting of the film knows however to convey to us a suffocating reality.

Read review Carmen L. Lobo

Apoyada en un reparto sólido y convincente, funciona en su dimensión dramática. Sin embargo, el film de Michael Herbig no es igual de efectivo cuando se desliza hacia el thriller.

Read review Desirée de Fez
The Guardian

Michael Herbig's overwrought drama sucks the thrills out of this story of two families fleeing communist East Germany

Read review Phil Hoad

Knowing, or intuiting, that ending is not the main problem (...). So is the effort of its authors to focus on the whole police aspect (...) But thrillers like that are seen every day, and more fast-paced. What's missing here is more context.

Read review Antonio Weinritcher