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'Bloodshot' is not, of course, a revolution of the genre at its visual level as it was in some point the Russian 'Hardcore Henry' or conceptual like the Australian 'Upgrade', but it doesn't want to. It's just, and just a little, a good movie of cyberpunk action or, in another words, cyberpulp, with a classic touch of criticism to the super powerful technology conglomerates and a group of physical and psycological damaged superheroes.

Read review Jesús Palacios

The plot is a excuse for the unfolding of so much destroying energy that comes from a comic book written by someone who may have a great time watching endlessly 'Robocop' and 'Total Recall'. But don't expect to find the sarcasm or the bad blood that Verhoeven introduced in those two movies the made: this extreme action movie is not for small talk.

Read review Antonio Weinrichter