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Screen Daily

"Thus 'Blue Story' is an intriguing proposition: all that energy and raw talent poured into a highly conventional story (...) there's an appetite for 'Blue Story'".

Read review Fionnuala Halligan

"The musical interludes in which Rapman narrates significant plot points offer a welcome change of pace, but the subject matter at play here is a little too common to truly stand out from the pack (...)".

Read review Amon Warmann
The Guardian

"Onwubolu avoids the usual flash and posturing in favour of a careful, rooted storytelling, finding subtly different perspectives on gang life (...)".

Read review Mike McCahill
Time Out

"What makes ?Blue Story? feel genuinely fresh as an urban drama is Rapman?s own intermittent presence as a kind of one-man rapping Greek chorus (...)".

Read review Greer McNally