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Entertaining, passionate and helpful (...) very direct film genius Oscar Jaenada a Elmyr de Hory interpretation and worthy of Orson Welles.

Read review Oti Rodríguez Marchante

Óscar Jaenada gives a new sample of his shamanism and literally transforms on both sides of the character.

Read review Nuria Vidal

Decadent film that ran precipitously in the 'syndrome Manolete' if it were not for Óscar Jaenada.

Read review Javier Cortijo
El Mundo

Inconsequential, routine and leaden biopic in which impresses the Spanish actor.

Read review Luis Martínez
The Hollywood Reporter

Cantinflas hops from cliche to cliche with lazy thoughtlessness.

Read review Jonathan Holland
USA Today

Cantinflas is a nostalgic, occasionally schlocky, look at the Mexican icon. While a substantial number of scenes are heavy-handed, the actor who plays Cantinflas? Óscar Jaenada ? is a standout.

Read review Claudia Puig

While American stereotypes such as the fight between the market and artistic freedom in Los Angeles, which result in the trivialization of other names.

Read review Horacio Bilbao
Los Angeles Times

Cantinflas the movie tries to capture the magic of this much-loved legend, and it does so in fits and starts.

Read review Betsy Sharkey
La Vanguardia

The film makes frequent time jumps to show the beginnings of a comic that would even be praised by the great Charles Chaplin.

Read review Lluís Bonet Mojica
El País

A rancid narratives, with a simple sketch of the figure of a great popular film comedian.

Read review Javier Ocaña