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New York Times

"An entertainment machine extremely well lubricated"

Read review Manohla Dargis
The Washington Post

"'Cop Car' builds a good engine for a start full of suspense, mixing black comedy with real terror, without a mood that overwhelms the other."

Read review Michael O'Sullivan
Los Angeles Times

"You cannot deny the ability of Watts in this sort of desolate game of cat and mouse, but is at the service of something that eventually is a kind of soulless exercise"

Read review Robert Abele
The Hollywood Reporter

"A decent premise is wasted in this modest and unimaginative suspense"

Read review Todd McCarthy

"A fierce Kevin Bacon stars in the surprise road-movie of the year."

Read review Manuel Piñón

"It goes to the point and closes with a welcome ambiguity."

Read review Jordi Costa
Entertainment Weekly

"'Cop Car' looks like a great short film stretched in a mediocre film"

Read review Chris Nashawaty