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Year: 2019
Original Title: Countdown
Genre: Horror
Studios: STX Entertainment

Release Dates

United Kingdom: October 25 2019


Ranking: 6,350 out of 15,647 movies (up 1130)


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Quinn Harris (Elizabeth Lail, 'Once Upon a Time') is a young nurse just trying to get through her day when she hears of a viral app called 'Countdown' that allegedly accurately predicts how long the user has to live. Quinn downloads the app for herself after a teenage patient, Evan (Dillon Lane, 'Better Things'), insists that his girlfriend died when her time was up, and is shocked to see that she only has three days left to live. She finds out that several app users are also dying when their time is said to be 'up', but the majority of the populations views the app as a hoax. Even if one takes all the necessary precautions to avoid near-death situations, the app declares that they have "broken the user agreement" by attempting to avoid their fate and they are killed by some strange malevolent force. As Quinn's clock countdown ticks ever closer to zero, she must enlist the help of younger sister, Jordan (Talitha Eliana Bateman, 'The 5th Wave'), and friend, Matt Monroe (Jordan Calloway, 'Black Lightning'), both of whom also have imminent death dates, to reverse their fates and stop the demonic presence from plaguing them all. 'Countdown' is written and directed by Justin Deck, whose other works include 'Duel', 'Papers' and 'Boats'. Also stars Peter Facinelli ('Twilight') and Tom Segura ('Instant Family'). Hide full plot... Show full plot


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