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"A vibrant office thriller never drowned thanks to a daring staging [...]. Oldman's interpretation is an "Oscar" one."

Read review Daniel Martínez Mantilla
The Hollywood Reporter

A crowd-pleasing account of Churchill's rising to the occasion. TWITTER

Read review Todd McCarthy

Britain?s halls of power are lit in a gorgeously noirish style, while one remarkable motif sees Churchill repeatedly boxed in by literal ink-black darkness, whether in a void-ascending lift or framed by the leaded glass of a closed door.

Read review Dan Jolin

Everyone seems to be a walking embodiment of an essence, not cartoons exactly, but something more totemic.

Read review Emily Yoshida

'Darkest Hour' arrives at a time when words seem to have lost all their value only makes it that much more persuasive.

Read review David Ehrlich
The Wrap

'Darkest Hour' it feels alive and fresh, the kind of cinema that doesn?t waste a second

Read review Sasha Stone

Balances the great orator?s public triumphs with more vulnerable private moments of self-doubt.

Read review Peter Debruge
The Washington Post

As a portrait of leadership at its most brilliant, thoughtful and morally courageous, ?Darkest Hour? is the movie we need right now.

Read review Ann Hornaday
Vanity Fair

Darkest Hour doesn?t exactly bonk you over the head with the allegory, but it?s there for the taking if you want it.

Read review Richard Lawson