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The Guardian

Without Reynolds this would be pretty run-of-the-mill; with him it?s a perfectly acceptable family movie. Given the history, that?s a giant leap for Pokémon-kind

Read review Steve Rose
The Hollywood Reporter

The agreeably glib voice of Ryan Reynolds lends the titular canary-yellow fuzzball some welcome edge in this live-action/animated feature

Read review Michael Rechtshaffen

Though consistent with the game (with a few extra but obvious twists thrown in for good measure), the story of 'Detective Pikachu' doesn?t allow nearly enough Pokémon-related action, while the quality of the computer animation falls far short of the basic level of competency audiences have come to expect from effects movies.

Read review Peter Debruge
The Wrap

Detective Pikachu slogs, and its joys are fleeting, like a battle with a wild Mewtwo that you just can?t seem to catch.

Read review Johnny JungleGuts
Entertainment Weekly

As the wisecracking voice of Pikachu, Ryan Reynolds deserves some sort of special citation for doing the best he can without Deadpool?s (or a decent script) to lean on. But the main problem is that the film?s plot is so frenetic that it?s impossible to determine if it makes a lick of sense. Maybe that was the point.

Read review Chris Nashawaty