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Roger Ebert

Director Ken Marino?s contemporary tale of intertwined lives will still disarm you eventually with its unabashed cheeriness and generous spirit.

Read review Tomris Laffly
The Washington Post

As a cinematic mutt, it possesses a certain scruffy charm, as long as you?re in the mood to forgive its lapses.

Read review Jane Horwitz

The behaviors on display have virtually nothing to do with real life, limiting the experience to little more than empty escapism for the dog lover in all of us.

Read review Peter Debruge
The Wrap

There?s a refreshingly contained, deadpan sass to many of the characters? personalities ? and even Marino?s direction of the actors ? that makes these people appealing, not abrasive, and which never devolves into the needlessly crude or ham-fistedly improvised, as so often happens.

Read review Robert Abele
The Hollywood Reporter

There's nothing remotely unpredictable about anything that occurs.

Read review Frank Scheck