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Los Angeles Times

"?Five Feet Apart? elevates the sick teen genre with a poignant love story".

Read review Katie Walsh

?'Five Feet Apart' manages to humanize the effects of the disease most tangibly and affectingly".

Read review Andrew Barker
Entertainment Weekly

"Even if you find yourself getting choked up by Five Feet Apart ? and you will ? you?ll know deep down that you?re being played. My advice is to just let yourself have that good cry. There?s plenty of time to feel ashamed about it tomorrow".

Read review Chris Nashawaty
The A.V. Club

"Thankfully, spending the past five years playing a romantic leading man on Jane The Virgin has given debut feature director Justin Baldoni a keen eye for capturing lush romantic imagery, particularly once Stella and Will ?reclaim one foot? and start roaming the hospital".

Read review Caroline Siede