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'Fourmi' gets to keep a relatively sober tone and to be raw when it's necessary. Damiens' work as an alcoholic and lout father is convincing. Even the little Maleaume Paquin is carismatic, content instead of being annoying, despite of the ocassionally ridiculous adult dialogues between him and his friends.

Read review Santiago Alverú
El País

Rappeneau, who debuted in 2015 with a very interesting adaptation of another comic, 'Rosalie Blum' by Camille Jourdy, has changed Torrecillas' comic's tone into a strange and disputable mixture of social European cinema and a family and sporty Disney production.

Read review Javier Ocaña

The child cast achieve its goal, supported by an adult and stelar cast who assumes its task with certain apathy. The movie's optimism doesn't alude to approximate with humor and without drama to actual problems such as emotional conflicts of kids from divorced parents and the pathologic dependency that some youngsters have on Internet.

Read review Juan Pando
El Periódico

In general, the movie has a lack of personality, an abuse of clichés and an excess of good feelings. And that's why it's admirable that, even with those negative things, succees in making the relationship between father and son so moving.

Read review Nando Salvè