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A culmination that suits this trilogy, and a proper homage to its predecessors. [...] This film may not be as well-rounded as the others, due to the lack of the "surprise effect", but even when it crumbles under its own ambition, the film stays strong.

Read review Janire Zurbano
Vanity Fair

'Glass' is a bit of a vanity project, as so many Shyamalan films are. He?s happy as ever to revel in his designs, to breathlessly comment on the cleverness of his own construction. But his insights into superherodom?s conventions aren?t terribly deep or revelatory.

Read review Richard Lawson
The Wrap

If 'Unbreakable' and 'Split' are some of the strongest works in Shyamalan?s filmography, 'Glass' holds a place somewhere in the middle between those and the titles that turned off so many moviegoers.

Read review Monica Castillo
The Hollywood Reporter

A partly satisfying conclusion to an eccentric saga.

Read review John DeFore

The trouble with 'Glass' is that its mildly intriguing meta-textual narrative is so much richer and more compelling than the asinine story that Shyamalan tells on its surface.

Read review David Ehrlich
Screen Crush

'Glass' is a major step down from 'Unbreakable', which remains one of Shyamalan?s best-conceived films visually, structurally, and thematically.

Read review Matt Singer

What makes 'Glass' such a wholly unique comic book movie experience is how deftly the filmmaker can ground those very real, occasionally absurd comic book tropes.

Read review Vinnie Mancuso

The movie, watchable as it is, is still a disappointment, because it extends and belabors the conceits of 'Unbreakable' without the sensation of mystical dark discovery that made that film indelible.

Read review Owen Gleiberman

Essentially a 'Split' sequel with an 'Unbreakable' topping, this is weaker than either film but still has plenty of entertaining sequences, most of them due to McAvoy?s top-rate performance.

Read review Nick De Semlyen
Entertainment Weekly

We?ve been here before, now there?s just more of it. Yes, it?s easy to be impressed by the world that Shyamalan has created and now fleshed out, but it would be nice if we were also moved to feel something too.

Read review Chris Nashawaty
Time Out

M. Night Shyamalan is back to heroes and villains in his deadeningly obvious latest film, for superfans only.

Read review Joshua Rothkopff