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Los Angeles Times

This exquisitely textured ensemble portrait is a gentler, more forgiving piece of work, not least because the filmmaker's jabs ? and his sympathies, such as they are ? feel more evenly distributed.

Read review Justin Chang

There aren?t a lot of people to necessarily sympathize with here, but the collective swell of a thousand nagging disappointments, both identifiable and not, make Perry?s film strangely haunting despite the bourgeois mundanity of its events.

Read review Emily Yoshida

With his intimacy drama Golden Exits, Perry strays from his typical fare of people behaving badly to, well, people behaving not quite as badly and certainly with more believable motivation.

Read review Kate Erbland
The Wrap

"Despite the momentum for 'Golden Exits' heading into the Sundance premiere, it didn?t land.The existential problems of beautiful urbane people is usually a safe bet for this crowd, but nothing in the relationship dynamics here managed to stick."

Read review Matt Donnelly
The Hollywood Reporter

"The unstated angst, desire, suspicion, frustration and emotional turmoil is almost entirely expressed by Keegan DeWitt?s extraordinary musical score, which runs like an underground river through this elegant and supremely expressive gem of a film."

Read review Todd McCarthy

"Many will accuse Perry of navel-gazing here, but that's partly the point: Golden Exits means to frustrate, even to abrade, in its coolly articulate portrait of cosseted people who want for nothing and vaguely desire everything."

Read review Guy Lodge
The Playlist

"Only a filmmaker as talented as Alex Ross Perry could make a movie as misbegotten as Golden Exits."

Read review Noel Murray