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Los Angeles Times

Made with energetic flair and no small dose of violence, mercifully handled with discretion, 'Hostage' exemplifies taut, confident filmmaking.

Read review Kevin Thomas
El País

Directed with some verve and showmanship. Willis gives his character a sensitivity that seems almost excessive. Final letdown.

Javier Ocaña
New York Times

More than sad, it's slightly sickening to consider the technology, talent and know-how squandered on Hostage, a pile of blood-soaked toxic waste dumped onto the screen in an attempt to salvage Bruce Willis's fading career as an action hero.

Read review Stephen Holden
Chicago Sun-Times

The mechanics of the final showdown are unexpected and yet show an undeniable logic, and are sold by the acting skills of Willis and Pollak.

Read review Roger Ebert

A frame hostage well drawn. If it was not for that final the film would have had more value.

José Manuel Cuéllar