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The Playlist

This outer space oddity is destined for the cult-classic section of some future camp horror and sci-fi B-movie aisle. Read full review

Read review Nikola Grozdanovi

Mitchell transforms Neil Gaiman?s sci-fi short story into a vibrant, edgy and at times outright goofy statement on tough antiestablishment rebels and freewheeling hippy vibes.

Read review Eric Kohn
The Guardian

What an extravagantly muddled, borderline incontinent film this is. You might call it genre-hopping, except that this would imply some degree of intent and control.

Read review Xan Brooks
Screen Daily

How To Talk To Girls at Parties shouldn?t work, as it feels at times like a film made by a talented student collective who overheard a ?punk vs aliens? elevator pitch. But work it does: it?s all a bit mad, but ultimately rather moving.

Read review Lee Marshall
The Hollywood Reporter

It takes what was at heart a relatively simple story by Gaiman, which channeled bold sci-fi imagination into relatable adolescent experience, and overcomplicates it beyond repair.

Read review David Rooney

The film enunciates its raw themes but never begins to figure out how to embody those themes in a narrative that could lure in the audience.

Read review Owen Gleiberman