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The fine line Lopez walks between fierce queen and relatable everywoman is essential to the rare balance the film strikes.

Read review Kate Erbland
The Playlist

Is much deeper than all that glitters on the surface.

Read review Gregory Ellwood
The Washington Post

In this raunchy, gloriously liberated revenge fantasy, Jennifer Lopez rules with seductive, triumphant authority.

Read review Ann Hornaday
Los Angeles Times

As Ramona, a one-woman supernova who reigns over a New York strip club, Lopez gives her most electrifying screen performance since ?Out of Sight,?.

Read review Justin Chang
The Guardian

There are so many immediate pleasures and vicarious thrills to be had in Hustlers, a giddy, gaudy blast of a movie, that it?s easy to forget the intricate framework which houses it.

Read review Benjamin Lee