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'La ragazza nella niebla' smells like a book in summer with a later talk, making use of the hours of sun and beer in abundance. The distance between characters and real life allows us to ramble without fear, but the seduction of the narration pushes us to do it with more passion.

Read review Santiago Alverú
El Mundo

It follows the investigation of a teenage girl in a small town dominated by a congregation of faithful Christians. But this, as its intervention in the development of the intrigue, remembers to the British novels roles of the genre in which almost every neighbour of the place seems to have something or much to hide and are waiting impatiently for the announced ending.

Read review Francisco Marinero
El País

'La ragazzza nella niebla' ends with a bizarre, baroque and unbelievable ending in terms of everyday nature, common sense and plausibility that Carrisi does good in telling his story from the beggining by leaving realism behind and getting closer to an oneiric and hallucinatory fable, like a cheap Hitchcock.

Read review Javier Ocaña

A working and sometimes absorbing mystery contraption, in such harmony with the new times of audiovisual consume as with in perfect accordance with that tradition of transalpine popular entertainment tradition based on a narrative twirl, aesthetic sumptuosity, tonal density and even (without bigger digging, of course) the sociological aspect, less sutil but not less correct.

Read review Antonio Trashorras
El Periódico

'La ragazza nella niebla', an Italian best-seller of crime literature adapted to screen with more discipline than invention and with some far-fetched narrative twists. The film does have some atmosphere.

Read review Quim Casas