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Its economic message might be fuzzy. Its feminism, too. But best-friend comedy Like a Boss rides Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrnes?s frisky and believable chemistry to laughs ? some worn, some crude, but more than a few delivered deftly and consistently enough to keep audiences smiling if not doubled over.

Read review Lisa Kennedy
The Hollywood Reporter

Quite funny for much of its running time, the film feels like it simply runs out of steam in its third act, settling for a lazy, pandering resolution and seeming happy to have made it to the 83-minute finish line.

Read review John Defore
Entertainment Weekly

The film tries to replicate the formula that made 'Bridesmaids' sing, pairing a heartfelt story exploring the complexities of female friendship with bawdy, over-the-top comedy. But the first half of the equation only partly succeeds, and the latter falls totally flat.

Read review Maureen Lee Lenker
The Washington Post

'Like a Boss' is the perfect airplane movie: something that won?t distract you terribly much while you work the New York Times crossword puzzle during a long flight, periodically looking up at the screen when the 2-year-old in the seat behind you kicks the back of your chair. Oh well. At least that way you won?t fall asleep.

Read review Michael O'Sullivan
New York Times

Actors make lousy choices all the time and if Like a Boss makes money no one will care that it?s formulaic, unfunny, choppy, insults women and seems to be missing much of its middle.

Read review Manohla Dargis
New York Post

Thankfully, director Miguel Arteta (?Beatriz at Dinner?) gets a solid half-hour of funny out of this thing before clunkiness sets in.

Read review Sara Stewart
The A.V. Club

If you?re looking for something truly groundbreaking?or hilarious?Like A Boss isn?t it.

Read review Katie Rife
Chicago Sun-Times

Imagine how great it would be to see a vehicle worthy of the respective likability, comedic chops, intelligence, onscreen charisma and beauty of Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne. No, I mean you?re really going to have to imagine that, because 'Like a Boss' is not that movie.

Read review Richard Roeper
Los Angeles Times

If there?s one word to describe the girl-power comedy ?Like a Boss,? it?s incomprehensible. Structurally, industrially, philosophically and emotionally incomprehensible. What should have been an easy breezy buddy comedy is rather a flabbergasting tone salad.

Read review Katie Walsh