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"From the outside, Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen as romantic partners seem to be far-fetched, but Levine patiently crafts a film that lays down layers and levels of trust and genuineness; by the time they finally consummate their bubbling, cute and charming romance, you fully buy into it".

Read review Griffin Schiller
The Wrap

?Long Shot? tried to find a balance between its male and female protagonists, even in dialogue that felt similar to the ?both sides? argument so often cited in contemporary politics, I am not sure it worked completely".

Read review Yolanda Machado
Roger Ebert

"It's a little sticky politically to make a movie in 2019 that arguably asserts that the best way for a powerful woman to find herself is to let her hair down and dance to Roxette. And yet that moment is a perfect example of what works about ?Long Shot,?.

Read review Brian Tallerico
The Hollywood Reporter

"the picture is in some ways stuck in the '90s ? a time when moviegoers went for insane White House romances like Dave, or that other one where the president seduced an employee and was still championed by feminists.

Read review John DeFore

'Long Shot' is overlong and rough around the edges, but its imperfections speak to an endearing knack for the messiness of modern times.

Read review Eric Kohn

"More creepy than romantic, more chauvinist than empowered ? and in all fairness, funnier and more entertaining than any comedy in months ? Long Shot serves up the far-fetched wish-fulfillment fantasy of how, for one lucky underdog, pursuing your first love could wind up making you first man".

Read review Peter Debruge