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ÚLTIMA HORA Muere Terry Jones, de los Monty Python, a los 77 años

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The Hollywood Reporter

"The picture flirts with melodrama, but no more than actual adolescence does ? and then ends, having given us just enough structure to be called a movie".

Read review John Defore

It's an ideal scenario to explore the winding roads of teenage maturity and so that filmmaker shows his potential without exceeding in ambition's terms.

Read review Eric Kohn
The Washington Post

At 84 minutes long, ?Mid90s? can?t be described as a fully realized film; it?s more of a fragment, ending on a cheerfully liberated but not particularly resolved note. But that?s in keeping with the modest tonalities of a film that doesn?t burst with ambition, but never overreaches either.

Read review Ann Hornaday

Jonah Hill shines as director. The actor debuts behind the camera with a little generational jewel.

Read review Irene Crespo
The Playlist

It worries so much for the references and proper cinematographic influences that doesn't reach an emotive dimension.

Read review Jason Bailey

"'mid90s', though made by a Hollywood star, isn?t a nostalgic indie fable in gritty skate-punk drag. It?s something smaller and purer: a slice of street life made up of skittery moments that achieve a bone-deep reality".

Read review Owen Gleiberman

A movie that breaths authenticity in each frame. 'Mid90s' is, with no doubt, the presentation of the public from a director with many things to say.

Read review Daniel Martínez Mantilla
El País

"Hill has made a movie that seems to present nothing (or at least just a little), and, despite this, the movie has everything. The decorations are few and well-placed [...] but its strong arm is the precision in the observation and a bet for the synthesis".

Read review Jordi Costa
The Guardian

"Skaters vie for status in a directorial debut that mixes Scorsese-like extravagance with moments of smartly observed subtlety".

Read review Peter Bradshaw