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The Hollywood Reporter

A dark chronicle of the efforts of an Iranian woman to keep both their freedom and custody of his son and detailing an emotional struggle. With a distant and unhurried style that sometimes recalls the work of Yasujiro Ozu, Panahandeh films her heroine in a series of fixed medium-shots, as if Nahid were incapable of escaping the frame.

Read review Jordan Mintzer

Panahandeh shots with veteran conviction the life of her protagonist (...) Being a woman is not easy, but in some countries is even less easier than others.

Read review M. Torreiro

The daily battles of a woman in Iran, directed by a Iranian female director.

Read review Daniel de Partearroyo
El Mundo

The filmmaker makes a telling social portrait that perfectly describes the operation of a male-dominated culture.

Read review Alberto Bermejo
Screen Daily

Cinematography is one of the film?s great strengths, capturing moments of lights is glittering.

Read review Allan Hunter
El País

Clarity, the strength and effectiveness of the proposed narrative of newcomer Ida Panahandeh referred to another recent achievement of Iranian cinema: 'A Separation', directed by Asghar Farhadi.

Read review Jordi Costa

'Nahid' content to remain at the level of a domestic drama, and although sometimes moves too slow, there is nothing wrong with that. In a country where female filmmakers are even more rare breed in Hollywood (and were, in fact, banned until the 1980s), 'Nahid' is welcome on stage Panahandeh.

Read review Scott Foundas

Panahandeh looks with clear eyes her own society, the clock is late.

Read review Federico Marín Bellón