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"Pixar returns with a great big power-chord of a movie ? heart-pumping, resonant, and positively harmonious".

Read review Ben Travis

"It?s not a star of the Pixar canon, but this big-hearted reworking of fantasy and emotional family bonds embodies the company touch so well you can?t help but root for its success and enjoy the ride".

Read review Eric Kohn

"You won?t feel cheated by it, but you won?t feel elated, either. Yet Pixar, in its very bravura, has more than earned the right to put out a movie like this one ? an unabashed piece of product".

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The Guardian

"Pixar's best film in years is Frozen with boys (...)".

Read review Steve Rose
Los Angeles Times

"Although it does not join the likes of 'The Incredibles' and 'WALL-E' in the pantheon of company masterworks, 'Onward' is a touching, lovingly crafted oddity".

Read review Justin Chang
The Hollywood Reporter

"Not a total misfire, but in terms of the Pixar canon, backward".

Read review David Rooney