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Read review Pablo González Taboada
The Hollywood Reporter

Horror fans should cheer, as will admirers of the ensemble's up-and-coming cast (...) Boyce and his comrades are engaging.

Read review John DeFore

'Overlord' admirably has something to say. Buried beneath the bloodshed and cast chemistry, the film is about how far we?re willing to go at war.

Read review Haleigh Foutch

Intense, ravishing, and surprisingly deep (...) The story juggles a surprising degree of sophistication with playful scares and tense ultra-violence.

Read review Kalyn Corrigan

'Overlord' works best as a patriotism booster shot ? it?s 'Inglourious Basterds' without a swizzle of irony (...) It?s junk food patriotism ? but there?s a grumbling hunger for it.

Read review Amy Nicholson
Screen Crush

It fails to deliver on nearly every level (...) As a piece of moral commentary cloaked in a sci-fi gimmick, 'Overlord' is uninspired. As an action thriller, it?s just aggressively boring.

Read review Britt Hayes