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Screen Daily

Rebecca Zlotowski?s third feature packs in so many ideas and themes, and boasts so many ravishing and enigmatic images, that it seems choked with riches.

Read review Graham Fuller
The Hollywood Reporter

Armed with lots of style but woefully little substance, Rebecca Zlotowski's Planetarium is an unfortunate case of a promising young filmmaker taking a big swing and missing.

Read review Jon Frosch

Planetarium is an inert and slipshod movie ? messy and aimless, a period tale told with zero period atmosphere (you have to keep reminding yourself that it?s not taking place in 2016), built around a situation with enough possibilities to make you wish that the director, Rebecca Zlotowski, had taken advantage of at least one of them.

Read review Owen Gleiberman

It begins with a compellingly morbid notion: Cinema isn?t dead, cinema is death itself. If only Zlotowski?s latest contribution to the medium ever found any life of its own.

Read review David Ehrlich
The Wrap

Though its mix of European romanticism, lustrous trappings, and nostalgic movie love can occasionally make ?Planetarium? feel like a galaxy all its own, the effect is more illusory than enveloping.

Read review Robert Abele