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The Wrap

"Pope Francis is a healer, not a proselytizer. And Wenders knows enough to stand back and let him say his piece and make his peace"

Read review Steve Pond
The Hollywood Reporter

"It is a pleasure to watch the present-day Francis interact with people all over the world and articulate his hopes for improving the lot of the poor. The film is humane and unobjectionable, but in the end, it isn?t pointed enough to seize the attention of skeptics in the audience"

Read review Stephen Farber

"The film shows a refreshing interest in his current existence, rather than becoming a by-the-book retread of his pre-pope life"

Read review Kate Erbland
The A.V. Club

"The film?s appeal, predicated on its rare close-up look at a working Bishop Of Rome, will be limited primarily to the faithful; those hoping for a candid portrait of the man beneath the cassock will be sorely disappointed"

Read review Mike D'Angelo