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The Guardian

"In time it becomes clear that 'Sandy Wexler' (...) was made for a target demo of one: Adam Sandler."

Read review Jordan Hoffman
The New Yorker

As with almost every Sandler vehicle, this is an adoring ode to a lifelong man-baby who mistakes his half-assed excretions for art.

Read review Richard Brody
The A.V. Club

It still lacks the courage of a great comedy, or the sharpness of a very good one. Sandy is something of a self-sacrificing white savior for Courtney, a condition only partially ameliorated by the number of black actors in the cast, including New Girl?s Lamorne Morris and an ever-game Terry Crews.

Read review Jesse Hassenger
The Hollywood Reporter

One-hundred thirty-one minutes. Let that sink in. 131 minutes. Two hours and eleven. That's the length of Sandy Wexler, the latest in what is sure to be a never-ending stream of Adam Sandler Netflix comedies. That is also, as a good friend pointed out on Twitter, 12 minutes longer than Citizen Kane.

Read review Keith Uhlich

Adam Sandler's third Netflix comedy arrives as something of a mission statement, finding a loose moral justification for all of his bad movies.

Read review David Ehrlich