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The Verge

It?s an out-and-out triumph, an adrenaline blast of pure action and emotion that lives up to its predecessors and ably forwards the MCU story in memorable and even touching ways.

Read review Tasha Robinson
The Playlist

Ultimately, 'Spider-Man Far From Home' turns all its intelligent themes into a triumphant story of self-belief for Peter Parker.

Read review Rodrigo Pérez

It?s not quite the home-run of 'Homecoming', but 'Far From Home' isn?t far from matching it, with heaps of humour, energetic action, and the answers 'Endgame' left you craving.

Read review Ben Travis
Chicago Sun-Times

It?s a zesty and sweet and satisfying but not an overly dark slice of entertainment, bursting with pyrotechnics and sprinkled with sharp humor and infused with just enough life-and-death ingredients to keep you interested throughout.

Read review Richard Roeper
The Guardian

Holland is very good but he needs someone to play against, someone with Downey?s heft. That someone could well be Zendaya, as MJ, the great love of Peter Parker?s life. We shall have to see how the Marvel franchise plays this romance in forthcoming episodes.

Read review Peter Bradshaw
The Telegraph

'Spider-Man: Far From Home' offers a breezy, Europe-set intermezzo between 'Avengers: Endgame' and whatever is coming next ? a kind of sorbet in blockbuster form to punctuate the binge.

Read review Robbie Collin
The Wrap

If anything, and this is a compliment, the film frequently feels like a charming teen road-trip comedy that occasionally turns into a superhero movie.

Read review Alonso Duralde

The key to the new movie?s appeal, apart from the fact that Tom Holland acts with far greater confidence and verve in the title role, is that the entire film is a bit of a fake-out, and I mean that in a very positive way. There?s a good twist, and it?s totally central.

Read review Owen Gleiberman
Screen Crush

'Spider-Man: Far From Home' is best viewed as the dessert at the end of an elaborate and overindulgent tasting menu. You?re full but it is worth it because is amazing.

Matt Singer
New York Times

The filmmakers try to enliven the big fights and action sequences by injecting a bit of self-consciousness about the illusion-driven craft they pursue. The high-school comedy bits, while not especially original, have a sweet, affable charm.

Read review A. O. Scott
The Hollywood Reporter

The young cast, led by Tom Holland as the bashful web-slinger and Zendaya as a shy girl slow to lose her inhibitions, is plenty appealing as well as funny. But without a proper, full-on villain, as well as an adequate substitute for Robert Downey Jr.'s late, oft-mentioned Tony Stark, this comes off as a less than glittering star in the Marvel firmament.

Read review Todd McCarthy

'Spider-Man: Far From Home' is a cute but unadventurous bit of superhero housekeeping that only exists to clean up the cataclysmic mess that 'Avengers: Endgame' left behind.

Read review David Ehrlich