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New York Times

A true crime story and a madcap comedy, a heist movie and a scalding polemic, The Big Short will affirm your deepest cynicism about Wall Street while simultaneously restoring your faith in Hollywood.

Read review A.O. Scott
Entertainment Weekly

I suppose you could call The Big Short a comedy. It?s very, very funny. But it?s also a tragedy. Behind every easy drive-by laugh is a sincere holler of outrage.

Read review Chris Nashawaty
Los Angeles Times

The film packs in so much information and comedy, it would be fun to see it twice: not just to take in what it has to tell us, but also to laugh all over again.

Read review Kenneth Turan
Rolling Stone

A hell of a hilarious time at the movies if you're up for laughs that stick in your throat.

Read review Peter Travers
The Wrap

The film?s compassion for everyday Americans...along with its energetic determination to entertain, enlighten, and infuriate make it a laudable surprise.

Read review Inkoo Kang
The Hollywood Reporter

On their own, individual scenes are effective enough in semi-farcically portraying the ignorance, avoidance and/or downright denial by the practitioners of bad loans. Together, however, they are wearying in their repetitive nature.

Read review Todd McCarthy
Chicago Sun-Times

It?s impossible to fathom how writer-director Adam McKay has turned this material into one of the funniest and yet most sobering, not to mention one of the most entertaining movies of 2015.

Read review Richard Roeper
El Mundo

You can adapt a theory book and make it the most hilarious movie. (...) This is a cinematographic maze so delirious as precise. Don't doubt this is the best comedy in a while.

Read review Luis Martínez

McKay approaches this adaptation of Michael Lewis? book with wit, energy and a surprising degree of clarity. But if the movie is a crackerjack entertainment, it?s one with a conscience.

Read review Stephanie Zacharek
El País

Although I have my limitations, I followed 'The Big Short' with interest and I ended up getting the essential things. And they make me afraid. Its visual language has style aspirations, the stars are convincing, you believe them.

Read review Carlos Boyero

There?s an unmistakable, scathing sense of outrage behind the whole endeavor, and it?s impossible not to admire McKay?s reckless willingness to do everything short of jumping through flaming hoops on a motorcycle while reading aloud from Keynes.

Read review Andrew Barker
New York Post

At the end of it all comes McKay?s big angry harrumph about the meaning of the crisis ? a sign of failed, frustrated satire. If you can make your message clear through comedy, there?s no need to say, ?Here?s my moral.? A funnyman can?t afford to get caught wagging his finger.

Read review Kyle Smith