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The Washington Post

"Perhaps most intriguingly, 'Incredibles 2' is both pop-culture eye candy and a sly critique of it."

Read review Michael O'Sullivan
Time Out

"At a time when movie screens are clogged with indistinguishable superheroes, 'Incredibles 2' rises above the noise with its defiantly humane soul."

Read review Tomris Laffly
Chicago Sun-Times

"It's a solid double and that's just fine, but I'll admit to a feeling of mild disappointment it wasn't a grand slam, given the greatness of the first adventure and the grand and creative mind of Mr. Bird".

Read review Richard Roeper
The New Yorker

"It's a nostalgic vision of total power of a local minimum that echoes sickeningly with the nostalgic pathologies of the current day, nowhere more than in Win's enthusiastic declaration of his plan to "make superheroes legal again."

Read review Richard Brody

Brad Bird's 'Incredibles 2' is, much like its predecessor, delightful as an animated feature but really, really delightful as a superhero picture.

Read review Sara Stewart
Rolling Stone

"This follow-up is every bit the start-to-finish sensation as the original, and Brad Bird's subversive spirit is alive and thriving. Like its Oscar-winning predecessor, 'Incredibles 2' doesn't ring cartoonish. It rings true."

Read review Peter Travers
Toronto Star

"No longer so incredible - and in truth, they never really were - Brad Bird and the Parrs are now happy just to be thought of as reliably entertaining."

Read review Peter Howell
New York Post

"I'm holding out hope for an 'Incredibles 3' where Violet and Elastigirl team up against a baddie who goes by The Patriarchy".

Read review Sara Stewart
New York Times

"Like his superheroes, Mr. Bird is extraordinarily good at destruction, which is very much in evidence in the virtuosic, often delightful 'Incredibles 2', which picks up narratively where the last movie left off."

Read review Manohla Dargis