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More proof that Cornish is a wizard at re-energising tired tropes.The characters are a delight, the action sequences thrum with invention, and when it?s funny, it?s very funny indeed.

Read review Nick de Semlyen
The Hollywood Reporter

The action is lively and quick-paced, and then suddenly over ? at which point the film gets to hammer down some of its more wholesome messages.

Read review John DeFore

With its retro-video-game score and ?Goonies?-style gang of misfit characters, the movie plays like a throwback to Spielberg-produced adventure films of the ?80s. And yet, the premise feels wobbly at best.

Read review Peter DeBruge

Joe Cornish?s long-awaited and largely delightful follow-up to ?Attack the Block? is a unicorn of a children?s fantasy movie: It?s imaginative, it?s heartfelt, and it never feels like it?s trying to sell you anything more than a measure of hope for the future

Read review David Ehrlich
New York Times

Read review Bilge Ebiri