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The Wrap

A spectacularly misjudged mix of humanitarian intentions and gonzo-terrible execution.

Read review Ben Croll
The Guardian

Nothing about the film comes close to authenticity and it?s largely down to Penn's remarkably amateurish direction.

Read review Benjamin Lee
The Hollywood Reporter

A empty romance (...) the Africans are just bleeding wallpaper.

Read review David Rooney

'The Last Face' would have been a better movie if it had an actual screenplay, rather than the bare-bones one credited to Erin Dignam.

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The Telegraph

Both the festival and filmmakers might have been better off waiting another week, until the screens were empty and delegates had all gone home, before unveiling this thing.

Read review Tim Robey
The Playlist

It's, all told, a preposterous and pretentious mess of a film, and all the good intentions in the world don't mean anything when the execution is as ham-fisted as it is here.

Read review Nikola Grozdanovic