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"It is certainly too long and too messy, too indulgent in some parts and too starved in others to be an unqualified success. But the surprise of it is that there are times, like the inspired first act, when it really does work, when it seems to have a kind of manic energy, a sheer joy at existing, which certainly makes it a far more engaging picture".

Read review Jessica Kiang
The Guardian

"It is a film of sweet gaiety and cheerful good nature, an interesting undertow of poignancy, and with a lovely leading turn from Jonathan Pryce".

Read review Peter Bradshaw

"A messy but singular achievement that strains to make its disparate parts fit together, but there?s a noble spirit of invention to its wackiness anyway".

Read review Eric Kohn
The Hollywood Reporter

"Large-scale filmmaking of this kind to some degree is probably always an adventurer's folly, with an unhinged visionary tilting at windmills in a valiant quest to tame fantasy and reality into companionable travelers that will live forever. But rarely have such brave deeds yielded so meager a reward".

Read review David Rooney