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New York Post

Susan Sarandon has one of her juiciest parts in years in Lorene Scafaria's comedy (...) which turns out to be far funnier and more charming than the synopsis suggests.

Read review Lou Lumenick

Susan Sarandon is great at being good in writer-director Lorene Scafaria's loving homage to her mother's uncommonly generous personality.

Read review Peter Debruge
The Guardian

'The Meddler' might be a bit too simplistic at times and some of the comedic choices are annoyingly broad, but it's a breezy, amiable watch.

Read review Benjamin Lee
Rolling Stone

Susan Sarandon and a strong cast turn this mother-daughter drama into something special (...) a hilarious and heartfelt tribute to mothering in the sense of 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'.

Read review Peter Travers

The film's genuine feeling and overall comedic consistency has enough breezy charm to make it go down easy and pleasurably.

Read review Kevin Jagernauth
The Hollywood Reporter

Scafaria has made a deeply personal, unquestionably sincere movie -which, alas, isn't exactly the same as a very good one.

Read review Jon Frosch