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The Nest is a somber, grown-up sort of movie, made with remarkable poise and maturity, and a level of craft so compelling it can be difficult to tear your eyes from the screen.

Read review Jessica Kiang
The Hollywood Reporter

The Nest lingers long after the final credits. It may not have the same surprising newness that juiced the debut of Martha Marcy, but it casts an ineffable spell nevertheless.

Read review Leslie Felperin

Movies almost never deal with the intricacies of marriage: finances, schooling, finding the right work-life balance. By contrast, The Nest burrows into the minutiae, and the rewards of going along with the O?Haras are worth it, at least for those willing to risk the frustration of a movie that plays by its own rules and doesn?t necessarily believe in happy endings.

Read review Peter Debruge
The Guardian

It?s elegantly constructed and precisely composed, with Durkin painstakingly recreating an era without falling into nostalgic overload. But it?s also a drama about a family that keeps us at a distance for the most part.

Read review Benjamin Lee
Screen Daily

Perhaps not surprisingly, the movie works better as a free-floating societal critique ? of materialism, of so-called domestic tranquillity ? than as an incisive commentary on any of the topics it brushes up against. But The Nest?s atmosphere of animosity is palpable enough that it?s wicked fun simply watching the O?Haras become unglued.

Read review Tim Grierson

If The Nest amounts to an elaborate exercise in style, at least it matches the material. Rory?s obsessions are all surface and no depth. For better or worse, the movie follows him into that void.

Read review Eric Kohn