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Entertainment Weekly

Though it all takes place in some vague long-ago of muttonchops and breeches, the tone, with its frantic patter and prodigious use of the word ?bro,? is decidedly modern. No one on board seems to trust that the books? original stories, beloved for generations, could possibly hold 21st-century attention spans.

Read review Leah Greenblatt

There?s barely enough usable footage to stretch the story past 90 minutes, but the CGI creature effects ? rich with personality ? manage to find the rare sweet spot between photorealism and exaggeration.

Read review David Ehrlich
The Hollywood Reporter

It virtually goes without saying that the technical work is impeccable and flawless (...) Eddie Murphy had better luck with his comedians-laden 1998 version, which was followed by a sequel. Don?t expect that to happen this time around.

Read review Todd McCarthy
New York Post

Heck, between this and ?Cats,? maybe Universal is now just specializing in confounding talking-animal movies. At least this one leaves you feeling kindly toward other species, rather than freaked out by them.

Read review Sara Stewart

Despite the good the picture attempts to put into the universe, there?s much more that drags it down. The sheer volume of crass flatulence jokes and routines involving animal nether regions should get youngsters in the audience laughing, but will just as assuredly make the grownups groan.

Read review Courtney Howard

I wasn?t expecting Dolittle to be good, exactly, but I wasn?t expecting it to be quite this bad (...) You go into this thing expecting silly insouciance and walk away from it questioning reality. It is anti-cinema.

Read review Bilge Ebiri