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Última hora Dani Rovira ha superado su cáncer: “Hoy es el primer día del resto de mi vida”

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Lovely, elegant, and curiously opaque (...). The film?s many ballet scenes are stunning, to say the least.

Read review Peter Debruge
The Guardian

Dance is represented as a transcendental experience of success, of leaving behind the past and reinventing the future (...). An athletic, confident, undemanding film.

Read review Peter Bradshaw
Screen Daily

The cluttered structure, littered with brusque little flashbacks, repeatedly interrupts the momentum and tension of the story of Nureyev?s most daring leap.

Read review Wendy Ide

By the time the film straightens itself out into a compelling last 20 minutes, you can?t help thinking that simpler might have been better.

Read review Ian Freer
The Hollywood Reporter

The narrative bounces all over the place trying to cover too much ground when concentrating on the core drama would have far better served the desired end.

Read review Todd McCarthy