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La Vanguardia

Film of gang members and love between young people from different social origin, to which Mario Casas and María Valverde bring a touch of conviction.

Read review Lluís Bonet Mojica

'Three Steps Above Heaven ' has a nice start. Without taking it too seriously (it is an obvious youth entertainment and easy, and give more importance than it has, is wasting time), falls well due to its lack of complex (kitsch and cliche have no limit) and by the unusually legacy is.

Read review Desirée de Fez

This spanish adaptation of the novel is much less mellow than the italian and it is appreciated. Molina returns to succeed in the call to the ticket office with a Mario Casas, an actor who will again become the obsession of the teen girls (if he wasn't already).

Irene Crespo
El País

Gonzalez Molina work is competent in the forms, hilarious in its occasional outbursts of kitsch and extremely disturbing in its symbolic enthronement of aggressive male archetypes and female figures over-dazzled the male force.

Read review Jordi Costa