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Entertainment Weekly

Vikander, with her creamy, endlessly expressive Vermeer face, doesn?t even need much dialogue, and she tries hard to make Sophia breathe real air.

Read review Leah Greenblatt
The Hollywood Reporter

It arrives not as a lusty tale in full bloom, but as a tastefully arranged still life in search of an animating spark.

Read review Sheri Linden
The Guardian

Tulip Fever?s second half is a harvest of stupidity, with mistaken identities, overheard conversations, characters conveniently swept away by circumstance.

Read review Jordan Hoffman
The A.V. Club

None of the characters or their bonds have any real-world weight. To the contrary, they?re depicted in the simplest of terms even when the movie thinks it?s shading them.

Read review Jesse Hassenger
Los Angeles Times

At 107 minutes, ?Tulip Fever? has been trimmed of every ounce of fat. But connective tissue, muscle and even the heart are gone too, leaving a lifeless frame.

Read review Kimber Myers

The entire package has a curiously old-fashioned feel and not just because it takes place 380 years ago.

Read review Peter Debruge