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The Hollywood Reporter

Beautifully photographed by co-director McNicol, the film is a hauntingly evocative portrait of its Southern Gothic-infused milieu. Treating its central characters with a refreshing lack of condescension, it dispassionately observes their eccentricities and movingly conveys their internal struggles.

Read review Frank Scheck

Visually, this gorgeously photographed film (lensed by McNicol himself) recalls the work of Cannes-anointed documentarian Robert Minervini, albeit a gentler view of marginal American lives than those seen in ?The Other Side.?

Read review Peter Debruge
New York Times

They talk of being shot, and of shooting others; of trying to get drunk or find God; of following dreams and abandoning hope. While scenes of the lake and land are magnificent, there are repulsive sights and stories, too. Whether inspiring or upsetting, all feel authentic.

Read review Ken Jaworonowski
The Guardian

It?s tempting to slap a ?this explains the rise of Trump? tag on just about anything these days, and certainly there?s plenty of grist for that mill here: of that other US, ignored by elites, beset by addiction.

Read review Gwilym Mumford