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The Hollywood Reporter

"What?s recognizable and real in Unforgettable is the way women can turn self-doubt against one another, and the way jealousy can corrode a soul. Di Novi pulls it all together with flair".

Read review Sheri Linden
Entertainment Weekly

Surprisingly tasty serving of delirious junk food.

Read review Chris Nashawaty
The Washington Post

?'Unforgettable' borrows elements from film noir, Lifetime movies and slasher flicks and updates them for the Internet age. But this forgettable thriller will simply make you remember other, better films".

Read review Pat Padua

"Katherine Heigl is terrific playing against type as a psycho ex in a thriller that isn't memorable enough to deserve the performance".

Read review Peter Debruge
Los Angeles Times

Though this movie has its outrageous moments, Di Novi puts the female emotional journey up front and treats things respectfully. But every erotic thriller needs some crazy, and thank goodness for Heigl's full commitment to her character's insanity.

Read review Katie Walsh
The Guardian

"This divertimento of an extravagant revenge will not win any prize, but it can be seen very well (...)"

Read review Peter Bradshaw:
The Telegraph

"Everything is excessively stupid so that it matters (...)".

Read review Tim Robey