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The movie, though it pretends to reveal how power works, is ultimately content to remain on the outside, sticking its finger in the eye of power

Read review Owen Glebeirman
The Guardian

Bale brilliantly captures the former vice-president?s bland magnificence in Adam McKay?s entertainingly nihilist biopic

Read review Peter Bradshaw

Vice has a big structural problem, though. However fitfully inspired, the narrative doesn?t hold you, and by the time McKay arrives at the vice-presidency, the audience is a little tired.

Read review David Edelstein
El Periódico

Adam McKay film show that a biopic can have a different style, breaking conventional rules both stylistyc and conceptually.

Read review Quim Casas

'Vice' is much more than Dick Chene's biopic, and much more that a movie with well characterised perdormers. It is a relentless dissection of power.

Read review Beatriz Martínez