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The Hollywood Reporter

Waves' power is inseparable from its intricate aesthetic layers. But what resounds most potently are the simplest, most direct exchanges: lovers' voices rising in spiraling anger, a parent and child confessing their innermost fears, and the way the searching conversation of two shy teenagers, facing each other across a diner booth, can tear your heart out.

Read review Sheri Linden
The Wrap

The idea that we need more love and less hatred resonates urgently in 2019. Shults has made a persuasive argument for forgiveness, even for the worst people we?ve committed so much of our energy to hating. It is one thing to swarm someone on social media, to mock and dehumanize them. It?s wholly another to remember that most people are simply trying to survive the waves that life sends their way. We can sink and be submerged by them, or we can ride them.

Read review Sasha Stone

Shults finds creative ways to fold all of these influences ? from the impact of social media to youthful shows of rebellion to racially biased police stops ? into the fabric of this multifaceted portrait, promising rich conversations among all who see ?Waves.?

Read review Peter Debruge

?Waves? walks a delicate tonal line with its many ambitious swings, but Shults pulls from his homegrown toolbox, transforming melodramatic material into a sharp and often harrowing psychological thriller about the travails of 21st-century suburban life.

Read review Eric Kohn