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Werewolf poster


Year: 2019
Original Title: Wilkolak
Length: 88 minutes
Genre: Drama
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: October 04 2019


Ranking: 4,564 out of 15,443 movies (up 1000)


It is a World War II thriller about eight children who have escaped from a concentration camp. They are hiding in a secluded villa to avoid the SS officers before their retreat. It is set in Summer of 1945. A temporary orphanage is established in an abandoned palace surrounded by forests for the children liberated from the Gross-Rosen camp. Hanka, also a former inmate, becomes their guardian. After the atrocities of the camp, the protagonists slowly begin to regain what is left of their childhood but the horror returns quickly. Camp Alsatians roam the forests around. Released by the SS earlier on, they have gone feral and are starving. Looking for food they besiege the palace. The children are terrified and their camp survival instinct is triggered.


Cast Werewolf