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The Guardian

"The story itself is a bit forced and contrived, with a soft centre that?s been overcooked. (...) Buckley provides a vitamin boost in every scene..."

Read review Peter Bradshaw
The Telegraph

"It is a commercial serious movie. What makes it so refreshing is that it denies to simplify the emotional part; it neither mislead nor sentimentalized (...)"

Read review Tim Robey

"'Wild Rose' tells a richly stirring human story, but by the time the movie reaches its final number, which Buckley performs with an incandescent star-is-born glow, it lets you experience what the glory of country music really is: an art torn straight from life itself."

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The Hollywood Reporter

Out of [some] familiar, predictable elements director Tom Harper and screenwriter Nicole Taylor have fashioned something entirely delightful, fresh as a Scottish summer evening.

Read review Leslie Felperin